The proposed international nuclear dump in SA was defeated, but the state still faces a national nuclear waste dump plan.

Three sites are under consideration to host the national radioactive waste management facility; Wallerberdina Station in the Barndioota region of South Australia and two sites in the Kimba region of the Eyre Peninsula.

The waste earmarked for the site is both low level and long-lived intermediate level. The most dangerous of the waste must be isolated from people and the environment for many thousands of years.

In the lead up to the SA state election in March, we need to send a strong message to politicians to make it clear that SA will not be the radioactive dump state. Get inspired by watching the ‘We say NO’ short film below if you haven’t already. 


For people in SA, here are two big dates for your diary to hear from the community and learn about the issue and get involved. Please share through your networks.

Film and Info Night 



Rally Time

Dec rally SA



For more information: 

Traditional Owners and neighbours are strongly opposed to the Barndioota site. Join their local Facebook group to stay up to date.


Visit the No Dump Alliance website and check out the ‘take action’ page. You can join the Alliance as an individual or organisation or use the resources there to get involved in the campaign.


Don't Dump on SA