December 10, 2009

International Human Rights Day

Old Man Wind, Old Lady Dust Storm Exhibition Auntie Millie Ingram opening the event

Margaret Raven speaking on Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Mitch-featured exhibition artist. Aranda/Luritja artist, poet, author.

Mitch closing comments


December 3, 2009- Wiya! Angela Pamela

Super Raelene Brothers vs Little Sisters Collective debut single Click here to listen to Wiya! Angela Pamela Purchase a copy from Less than 20kms from Alice Springs Canadian miner CAMECO wants to mine uranium from the ‘Angela-Pamela’ deposit. When the seasonal dust-storms blow from the south, the Indigenous communities of Amoonguna, Anthepe, Karnte, and Ilparpa are likely to be the first to swallow radioactive nucleides carried by the dust and wind. Unbelievably, Angela-Pamela is located within Alice Springs’ precious and fragile water-catchment. In opposition to the mine, well known Alice band Super Raelene Bros. have teamed up with Western Arrarnta and Luritja musicians – ‘the Little Sisters Collective’ – to release their debut single WIYA! ANGELA PAMELA. This unique single is performed in Luritja and Western Arrarnta with a smattering of English scattered across a deep and funky dance groove in a style reminiscent of the 1990’s hit song ‘Treaty’. The song celebrates the growing campaign of opposition to uranium mining at Angela-Pamela. With nationwide airplay the single will take the campaign against uranium mining at Angela Pamela to the national stage. The song launch will take place on the Council Lawns and the free event, supported by the Arid Lands Environment Centre, will feature performances by various local artists, speeches, information stalls and a Nuclear Free BBQ. For more Information contact: Derek Schild – Super Raelene Bros – 0427826026 Jess Abrahams – Arid Lands Environment Centre – 0407043457 ============= March 27, 2009Following is UNEDITED audio from a public meeting held in Alice Springs. Mines Minister Kon Vatskalis had been asked numerous time to meet with the local community to answers questions regarding the Angela-Pamela uranium project earmarked for 20km away from the town, within the water catchment boundary area. The meeting was organised by the Alice Springs Angela Pamela Collective (ASAP) and Families For a Nuclear Free Future (FFaNFF). Apologies for the humming/buzzing noise in the background- it does get better half way through.