October 2, 2011: Climate Change, Social Change Conference – Melbourne, VIC

Natalie Wasley, Beyond Nuclear Initiative coordinator

Kylie Sambo, Muckay Traditional Owner

Dianne Stokes, Muckaty Traditional Owner

August 6, 2011: Hiroshima Day Forum – Sydney, NSW

Introduction by Radhika Raju-CFMEU

Tomoko Shiine-311 Campaign for Nuclear Free

Professor Richard Broinowski-Author ‘Fact or Fission’

John Hallam-People for Nuclear Disarmament

Hans Kristensen-Fereration of American Scientists (USA)

August 6, 2011: Hiroshima Day Rally – Sydney, NSW

Senator Lee Rhiannon-Australian Greens

Andre Lariviere and Francois Mativet-Sortir du Nucleaire (France)

Warren Smith-Maritime Union of Australia

Natalie Wasley-Beyond Nuclear Initiative

Dr Wahid Razi

Junko Morimoto – Hiroshima bomb survivor and author of ‘My Hiroshima’ speaks after watching ‘Into Eternity’ at Sydney Uni, June 30 ,2011

June 14, 2011: Canberra Rally – Canberra, ACT

People travelled from Brisbane, Byron Bay, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and other places in between to attend. There were also delegations from Unions ACT (who provided the sound system), the Electrical Trade Union (ETU) and Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU). Thanks to all of the speakers and everyone who came along with banners and placards, helped set up and look after the giant waste barrel and contribute to a vibrant event.

Some great photos by Jessie Boylan regarding the waste dump process, the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill was  further debated in the Senate while were in Canberra, but it did not come to a vote. We expect debate to continue next week. The struggle continues for a nuclear waste dump free NT!

Muckaty Traditional Owner Dianne Stokes

Muckaty Traditional Owner Kylie Sambo

ETU Qld secretary Peter Simpson

Senator Scott Ludlam (Australian Greens)

Dr Helen Caldicott

Adam Bandt MHR (Australian Greens)

Dave Sweeney (Australian Conservation Foundation)

Dr Sue Wareham, Medical Association for Prevention of War

Steve Phillips, Greenpeace Australia/Pacific