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International waste plan dumped: referendum on a road to nowhere

The proposal for an international high level nuclear waste dump in South Australia has effectively been buried. A solid campaign was run by Traditional Owners, state and national environment groups and trade unions. 70% of the ‘Citizen’s Jury’ said it should not be pursued under any circumstances, backed up by 35000 signatures presented to SA […]

Exposure 2016: Port Augusta, September 2-4

SOUTH AUSTRALIA CURRENTLY FACES THE VERY REAL THREAT OF NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPING. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS PROPOSING? DO YOU HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? Exposure 2016 in Port Augusta will help highlight the facts we know and the answers we need. Right now plans for both national and […]

SA’s Radioactive Royal Commission

There are currently two proposals in Australia for construction of radioactive waste facilities, one for national and one for international waste, operating under separate but parallel processes. The national facility is proposed for management of domestically produced low and intermediate level waste. The most dangerous of this waste arises from reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel […]

Down The Radioactive Rabbit Hole: Questions Keep Mounting

* Article first published in New Matilda, May 12, 2016 Down The Radioactive Rabbit Hole: Questions Keep Mounting Adnyamathanha Elders are “shattered” that of the six sites shortlisted by the Federal Government for a national nuclear waste dump, the one on Wallerberdina Station in the Barndioota region of South Australia, is now the only one pegged for […]