BNI coordinator 
Natalie Wasley
0429 900 774

BNI project worker
Lauren Mellor
0413 534 125


Facebook: Beyond Nuclear Initiative
Twitter: BeyondNuclearOz


Please click here to be redirected to information regarding donations and e-give payments.

4 responses to “Contact

  1. Logically one of the best places in Australia for storing radioactive waste is around Sydney and I am a Sydney resident. The Sydney sandstone is geologically stable, tight (does not allow water or gas to pass through it readily) and transprot distances are short and transport can be readily monotored. The additional advantage of having such a site close to a major population centre is that it is easier to hire security staff and it is always in the public eye so that the politicians cannot cut its funding and let security slide withot being readily found out.

  2. Thanks a ZILLION for the wonderful work on this colourful web site and the Muckaty anti-dumping campaign.

    We will make a significant donation to the campaign and hope it will be spent wisely, since we are not big cash spenders, as are the mega-monster mining companies and nuclear utilities/militaries (terrorists).

  3. Do you have a non-financial way to support your cause?
    Like a petition or a strategic way to add one’s voice to those opposed to this bil being passed?

    Thank you for your work


  4. Hi I have re-activated a Facebook page ‘Stop Uranium MIning in Australia” and would like as many people as possible to join and state our opposition to nuclear energy and the mining of uranium in Australia. I have provided a link below and invite you and your members to join. We would really like to put updates from your page on our Facebook page as well and would be happy to be involved in any protests or petitions you are organising.

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