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It’s time to manage Australia’s radioactive waste – not dump it

For over two decades successive Australian governments have searched for a location to dump Australia’s radioactive waste.

This has caused heartache in targeted remote communities and headlines in the national media. And this “out of sight, out of mind” approach has failed.

In June this year, after seven long years of protest and community resistance, the federal government abandoned plans to open a dump on Aboriginal land at Muckaty in the Northern Territory.

The buck should have stopped there.

But the government seems to have learned nothing and instead of taking a look at its flawed dump plan it is planning a new national search for another dump site.

The search for a dump site needs to stop and an independent inquiry into the best way to manage Australia’s radioactive waste needs to start.

The majority of Australia’s radioactive waste is currently stored in two defined federal sites and both have confirmed they can securely store this waste for years to come.

We have the time and opportunity to do things differently and better. We don’t need a quick and dirty dump – we need a responsible and lasting solution.

Please help tell the Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane that it is time for a new approach to radioactive waste management – one that is expert, independent and public.


How to help:

Minister Ian Macfarlane is accepting public comments on his national dump search plan until November 10 and your small comment could help make a big difference.

Some themes that you might mention in your email or letter include:

• The history of two decades of community resistance and concern over plans for a remote dump

• The need to move beyond Muckaty and to have a new approach that includes people and explores options

• Australia has never had an independent and open assessment of the different ways available to manage radioactive waste – and now needs one

• We have the time and the need to do things differently via a public Inquiry to achieve a better and longer lasting result

• Radioactive waste is a long lasting threat and requires serious and measured attention – its management should not become a political issue

• Aboriginal and remote communities should not be the primary targets in the search for a response to a national problem

• All Australians get a better result when a decision is based on clear evidence and credible process

Comments can be sent by November 10 to either


• Manager, Radioactive Waste Management Section, Department of Industry, GPO Box 9839, Canberra, ACT, 2601