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The photo story below presents the images in the “We are not no-one, this is not nowhere” exhibition.

Cultural Warning-This exhibition contains images of people who are now deceased.

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“We are not no-one, this is not nowhere”

When the plan to dump Federal radioactive waste in the Northern Territory was announced in June 2005, then Science Minister Brendan Nelson explained why the Government was targeting the Territory:

“…why on earth can’t people in the middle of nowhere have low level and intermediate level waste?”

Julie Bishop, former Federal Science Minister, also bluntly stated the reasoning behind targeting the NT when she suggested that all of the proposed Department of Defence sites are “some distance from any form of civilisation”.

There are in fact, people living on country and running successful pastoral and tourism enterprises three, five and eighteen kilometres from all of the proposed Government sites, Mt Everard, Harts Range and Fishers Ridge, who believe it is very uncivilised of the Government to dump radioactive waste on their land without their consent!

A fourth site, Muckaty, which was nominated by the Northern Land Council despite opposition from some of the Traditional Owners, is currently under assessment and the preferred site of the four is scheduled to be announced within six months.

The “we are not no-one, this is not nowhere” exhibition was collated in response to the myth of remote areas being uninhabited and lifeless places and to show the country, communities and culture that have been impacted by the Federal radioactive waste dump proposal.

The images were contributed by four photographers from the NT, interstate and overseas who share a passion for promoting environmental conservation and human rights.

Many thanks to Tim Bonham, Stephen Cherry, Jessie Boylan and Steve Strike for capturing and sharing these strong images of people and country near the proposed Federal radioactive dump sites.

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  1. Nimbin Environment Centre

    Please keep us informed

    We can always put info on our notice boards and send on to our members.

    thank you all for the hard work involved

    For the Earth

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