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Response to proposed new Muckaty nuclear waste nomination

Nov 5 2014

After a meeting held in Tennant Creek, the Northern Land Council has announced it is preparing an anthropological report for a new site on Muckaty to be potentially nominated for the national nuclear waste dump.

Click for links to NT News story here and Guardian Australian story here.

This is very disappointing for Muckaty Traditional Owners who have been seeking closure on this long, challenging and often stressful campaign since the first site nomination was announced in 2007.

Attached and below is a statement written by Muckaty Traditional Owners Penny Phillips and Dianne Stokes in response to the NT news article linked above.


Statement from Muckaty Traditional Owners regarding proposed new nuclear waste dump nomination on Muckaty Land Trust.

Written by Penny Phillips Napangardi and Dianne Stokes Nampin.
November 5, 2014

We heard in the news that people want to nominate Muckaty for the nuclear waste dump again.

Minister Gray and Minister Macfarlane visited us here in Tennant Creek- they heard what we said about the nuclear waste dump-we said NO.

They have seen the conflicts between us.

Enough is enough- this issue will not be resolved, we want the Northern Land Council to just let it go.

Leave the waste where it is and don’t dig up any more uranium.

We fought hard for our people to get Land Rights. The old people that have gone, they fought hard and now people are trying to sell their soul and country- again.

We were so happy the first site nomination was closed- we fought very hard to stop it. We had just relaxed after stopping the waste dump and now they came back and kicked us in the guts.

We said in court and we said it to the Minister- we all agreed we don’t want it on Muckaty Land Trust. All the Warlmanpa said this, the ones who went against the waste.

We want to be clear- we do not want the nuclear waste anywhere in the Muckaty Land Trust.

It looks like the same mob are going to be fighting again to protect Muckaty near where Milwayi goes and comes back into Helen Springs. We are all connected through there.

We want the Northern Land Council and government to stop doing this. Why don’t they just stop hassling people asking them if they want this waste to go on Muckaty?

They think its is their land but it is not right to put the waste there. We will be making the same argument again, standing together to say NO.

When we met with the NLC in Tennant Creek they said they would not push ahead a new nomination. This news today made us very sad.

We want to talk to the NLC Full Council before they vote about a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty. We are Traditional Owners and we speak for that land.

Keep the poison out of Muckaty.
Kurlalu yarnmi Majju Majju Manu Wangku ka (Warumungu)
Wangangka yama nyirrinjji mana Manu Wangku Kuna (Warlmanpa)


* Photo of Bunny Nabarula thanks to Fabio Cavadini and Mandy King.

PROTECTINGMANUWANGKUBunnyNabarulaaddresses the rally inTennantCreek,May2013L1130071 copy