Yellow dots

The yellow dot symbolises…

Traditional Ownership of the land

The Ochre and tourist industry

The sun on our flag and renewable energy

Yellowcake. Target. Expendable lives.

Real people, the Australian Government is willing to sacrifice.

People not willing to live with or die for a uranium dump or mine in the NT

Mitch, the creator of the yellow dot concept, has put forward a challenge- to have a yellow dot placed in the most highly visible public position.

Please send a photo of your yellow dot to natwasley(at) to enter the competition.

We do not encourage or condone illegal activity or property damage during this competition, but we do want to see your dot somewhere highly visible and possibly controversial.

Click here to view pictures from 2009

yellow dot

2 responses to “Yellow dots

  1. We still have TWO yellow dot soft flannel patches and their accompanying safety-pinned messages.
    The first 6 lines of the message is same as on this web page.
    The last line, line 7, of the message reads :

  2. beyondnuclearinitiative

    Thats an important message! Please send a photo of your yellow dots if you have one

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